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We are a 100% volunteer run organization, focusing on animals in need. We are based in Calgary and are not affiliated, endorsed or connected to Four Feet & A Heart Beat or Four Feet Heart Beats Rescue in Lacombe, AB.

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Making a Difference One Grant at a Time

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between need and resources in the Alberta rescue community by providing financial and volunteer resources, thereby allowing these charities to expand their impact on the community and help more animals in need.

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We have partnered with Fog Farms Urban Growers who have generously offered to donate a portion of proceeds to Four Feet Companion Foundation. Place your order for seedlings and pet grass today!

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Pet first aid kits include antiseptic wipes, providone-iodine prep pad, cleansing wipes, gauze, eye wash, adhesive tape, bandages, gloves, tweezers and a first aid guide. Only $10. Email [email protected] to order.

Poster graphic with bully stick fundraiser purchase details

If you order $10 worth of treats for your pooch, they will donate $10 worth to the rescue of your choice. Select Four Feet Companion Foundation from the dropdown list when ordering.

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