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Why it pays to be a volunteer

Why our volunteers are so important:

Our volunteers are important in helping us realize our mission to promote the well-being and welfare of companion animals. We work closely and partner with volunteers, encouraging each and every one of them to contribute in ways that they will thrive and letting them pursue different administrative tasks that they will enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and give a little to the animals in need. The rewards are tremendous!

Thank you for your interest!

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Good Times

Volunteering with Four Feet Companion Foundation is sure to be a good time. Our fundraisers range from pub nights to silent auctions to helping out at Hitmen games!

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Four Feet Companion Foundation ensures that volunteers are kept in the loop as to just how their help has impacted animals in need. Working with Four Feet Companion Foundation is meant to be collaborative.

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Four Feet Companion Foundation is always looking to expand our education efforts. Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds and their unique experience shapes us as an organization.

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Our volunteer schedules are as flexible as you need to be. All that we ask is that you take your volunteer commitment seriously. The animals are counting on us!